Track Phone Number Usage

With more and more visitors using mobile phones, it makes sense to make it as easy as possible for them to use our phone numbers. If set up properly, we will also be able to track how often visitors contact us via mobile phone from our webpages.

There are two parts to these instructions:

  1. Make your phone number a link
  2. Add Event Tracking to that link

How to make a phone number a link

Making a phone number a link is similar to making an email address a link: you simply tell the browser that it's a link (using your 'a href' tag) and then indicate that it's an email by adding 'mailto:' to the link. With a phone number, instead of using 'mailto:', you add 'tel:'.

The following steps are for if you are using WordPress to edit your pages (however, using other tools will probably involve similar steps):

  1. Highlight the phone number that you would like to make into a link
  2. (In Visual mode,) click on the 'Insert/edit link' icon (it looks a little like a chain)
  3. In the URL field, type 'tel:' and the phone number with no spaces
    eg. tel:416-736-2100
  4. Click 'Add Link' and you've added the link to your page!

How to add Event Tracking to that link

The second half of tracking phone number usage is that Event Tracking must be added to the link. Full instructions for adding Event Tracking to a link (within the York context) can be found at the 'How to Set Up Event Tracking' page.

This will only track phone calls made from mobile phones when people click on the linked phone number from your webpage. Phone calls made from landlines or from mobile phones without a connection to your webpage will remain untracked.