Set-up Scheduled Emails

Rather than logging into Google Analytics regularly to check your webpages' performance, you can have Google Analytics send you reports as often as you'd like. You can also have the emails sent automatically to your colleagues to save you time.

Emails can be sent from most Reports or Dashboards, however, they cannot be set up to send 'Flow' report or Real-Time data.

How to set up a Scheduled Email in Google Analytics

Emails will be sent from the email address associated with the Google ID you're logged in as, not from your email address.
  1. Log into Google Analytics
  2. Go to the Report or Dashboard you wish to set up the Automated Email for
  3. In the bar at the top of the page, click on 'Email' -- a pop-up will appear
  4. Fill in the fields as follows:
    1. To: list everyone you would like to have receive the email
    2. Subject: by default, this will list the report's name, but you can change it now if you would like for it to be something else
    3. Attachments: by default, this will list an attachment type from a list of types in alphabetical order. If you click on the file type listed, you will get the full list of what's available (tip: PDF will be the closest to a screenshot of a report)
    4. Frequency: this is where you set up how often you would like the emails to be generated. Select from the first dropdown menu how often you would like the emails to be sent, and (if the option is available,) click on which day of the week or month you would like them to be sent.
    5. Advanced Options: you can set up how long the emails are sent for
    6. Optional: open field: you can write a message here to be included in your emails
  5. Click send and the email will now be set-up to go.

How to Cancel an Scheduled Email

People receiving emails from you can simply click on the 'Unsubscribe' option included with their message.

If you would like to delete an email set-up that you have created so that no one receives a message anymore, complete the following:

  1. Log into Google Analytics
  2. Click on the 'Admin' button at the top of the page
  3. Select the Account and View from which the emails have been generated
  4. Under 'View', scroll down to and select 'Scheduled Emails'
  5. A list of any Automated Emails you have set up will appear
  6. In the row of the Automated Emails you wish to delete, click on 'Actions' (in the last column, at right)
  7. Select 'Delete' a confirmation prompt will appear -- click 'Delete' a second time to delete the email.