Google IDs & Analytics Accounts

Google Analytics is a system provided by Google and is completely separate from York and its systems. We place their code on our sites, and later, we log into their site to access the data collected on our behalf.

What is a Google ID and why do you need it?

A Google ID is the email Google uses to log you in to access their services. Typically this is a Gmail account, although older IDs may be associated with other email accounts. Think of it as Google's version of Passport York.

To sign up for a Google ID, visit Google's Account Sign-Up page.

Why can't I just use my Passport York credentials to access this information?

York does not collect the data, Google does. As such, we are logging into their services to access the info. Just like you wouldn't use Passport York to access your bank account, you cannot use Passport York to access your Analytics account because the data is housed outside of York.

Can I add my own GA account to my site?

  • If your site uses the York Template, and / or the York Header, and / or is on the domain and uses non-personalized urls (urls with personally identifyable information) then no.
  • If your site is on a separate domain (not then yes - it will not be tracked by the York University GA account.
  • If your site uses personalized urls, it will not be tracked by the York University GA account. We recommend that you check with the Information and Privacy Office about whether or not it is appropriate to place GA code on the pages at all.